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Battery storage allows more flexibility for DC fast-charging station locations

December 15, 2021

Latest company news about Battery storage allows more flexibility for DC fast-charging station locations

Finding a new location for a DC fast charging station can be complicated, but Electrify America believes that on-site battery storage can provide greater flexibility.

Charging Network stated in a press release that battery energy storage enables Electrify America to launch new DC fast charging stations in new locations, otherwise the cost may be too high due to the current utility rate structure, and emphasized that it is now installed A 30 MW battery can store 140 sites.

The company explained that the use of batteries allows EA to avoid so-called "demand fees"-fees charged by utility companies due to sudden surges in power demand.


DC fast charging stations can trigger these surcharges through regular use, significantly increasing operating costs. Only a few states—especially Massachusetts—try to provide solutions for charging providers.

Electrify America points out that battery storage can also be paired with renewable energy sources to capture excess energy and store it for later use. Using renewable energy to charge electric vehicles will in turn reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Electrify America said it plans to launch next-generation battery storage hardware early next year, and the company said it will provide better performance in the same footprint. As part of the diesel emissions cheating solution funded by the Volkswagen Group, Electrify America will also re-price in 2020 and, if allowed, will be charged per kilowatt-hour instead.


Battery storage at permanent charging stations is not the only option to quickly add more fast charging infrastructure.

Mobile charging can also help fill the space where the grid cannot meet electricity demand or where permanent infrastructure needs are insufficient.

In addition to using large batteries, there are some solutions. One such example comes from Chakratec in Israel, which uses flywheels for energy storage.

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