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Why Ride Adult Tricycles?

February 12, 2020

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Why Ride Adult Tricycles?

While we wholeheartedly agree every human should learn to ride a traditional bicycle, we think there’s room in your life for both.

Of course, you know what a tricycle is, but you might not have thought about the unique benefits of using one.


First, tricycles are fun as hell. Imagine being able to pedal as fast as you can, whenever you want, without worrying about tipping over.


And that’s the second benefit. Adult tricycles, by design, are extremely stable. You would have to be going really fast and turning pretty sharply to actually tip over. Not to mention, some adult tricycles sit low to the ground and use an actual chair-shaped seat, as opposed to a bike seat, which can make them much more comfortable (and fun!).

One other thing adult tricycles have over traditional bikes is storage. Because the design creates a gap of space between the two back wheels, adult tricycles frequently incorporate baskets or additional storage of some kind in that space. That makes lugging groceries or whatever junk you need a heck of a lot easier than trying to do the same thing with a traditional bike.

Perhaps the last benefit has to do with users. Because there’s a lot less balance involved and less risk of falling, adult tricycles can be safer and better for seniors or those with disabilities or limited mobility.

In Summation

Sure, you might not be the coolest guy on the block riding around in one of these, but who gives a damn when you’re the most practical and having the most fun?

So, take a page out of your childhood, upgrade your commute and check out our picks of adult tricycles. We bet if you can store and keep one that you’ll find yourself turning to it a lot more often than you think.


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